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Toggling LEDs: Building on the basics

You may have noticed in the previous code sample that two outputs were configured. These outputs were configure to toggle with a 1 second interval. If you loaded the previous code sample, all you need to do is to ensure that jumper wires are connecting PORTB.B0 and PORTB.B1 to the header that is connected to the […]

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Some basic stuff . . .

A few days ago I posted an article about the DEVCC ProtoShield, so today I thought lets do the following: Show some basic things about the shield Get a simple project working The hello world project is severely overdone, but it is an important project and something you will use over and over again. You […]

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ProtoShield for DEVCC Development Range

When I started working with embedded devices, the first step was getting beyond that home made PIC16C84 programmer. The next step was coming up with a development board which allowed me to cater to that “Hello World” learning curve. If you have developed and made your own PCBs then the experience is mutual. You may […]

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