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The DEVCC – V20 is for hobbyists and those who are a bit more serious about embedded development. The V20 in the DEVCC line up is designed to host a 20 PIN pic microcontroller. If you want something for a bigger device see the DEVCC – V40. Form Features The DEVCC range of boards is roughly […]

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DEVCC – V18 CloseUp!

A close up is something we dread, it usually gives away the imperfections. Well, the DEVCC – V18 was recently put under a close up so that you could get a better look. And I think you may realize that it’s a great development board. So starting from 1 and moving clock wise . . […]

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Stack it, with the Proto-Shield . . .

Just Stack it ! The DEVCC Proto-Shield is now available and shown below is a fully assembled Proto-Shield in its natural environment, stacked with a DEVCC [V] board. Fully assembled, the Proto-Shield has a POT, Push Button and two LEDs. As mentioned, the prototyping area is able to host new circuitry which can be soldered […]

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