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BETA Preview: ProtoDev Maestro

The work on the Protodev Maestro is almost at completion, so we thought we would provide a sneak or BETA preview of the new product. The ProtoDev Maestro aims to enhance a few areas of our product offering. The first was the need for a fully integrated solution one which included a built in programmer […]

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Maestro: Teacher

Since the first PCB ever produced by ZarDynamix, the aim has been always to deliver a product that is designed to make embedded programming as simple and as easy as possible. That has perhaps been a challenge as the market continues to change and develop constantly. How does the ProtoDev Maestro help you ? 1) […]

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Maestro in Production

The ProtoDev Maestro introduces a change in direction for product development. Prevoiously the trend was to try and move into an arena of modularised componets, however this left a gap in the product offering. For those who like to plug and play, the Maestro is for You! The product incorporates all the best features of […]

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