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DEVCC – V40 : Getting Started!

Introduction The DEV – CC – V40 is the latest in our series of PIC development platforms. Fully equipped with pre – loaded device, pre – loaded bootloader the DEVCC – V40 is ready to get you fully into your next embedded project. The PCB comes complete with a PIC18F45K22. Shown below is a quick […]

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Bootloader for ProtoDev 40

The ProtoDev 40 recently got an upgrade of sorts. For some time we have been shipping the ProtoDev 40 with a USB cable which was intended for the user to interact with the demo code installed on the PIC. Problem, was that many of our customers had existing projects and wanted to get on with […]

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Temperature Display Project

LEAD IN: Temperature Display Project When designing a system that has 1 function or 1 task to perform the idea would be to use a device that is cost effective and only has sufficient program space and the I/O required. The cost of the device is linked to the package size, memory and obviously the […]

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