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Bootloader for ProtoDev 40

The ProtoDev 40 recently got an upgrade of sorts. For some time we have been shipping the ProtoDev 40 with a USB cable which was intended for the user to interact with the demo code installed on the PIC. Problem, was that many of our customers had existing projects and wanted to get on with […]

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Crystal vs the internal oscilator

LEAD IN: Every microcontoller requires an oscillator circuit. The osciallator circuit is responsible for stepping the program counter and all other time based functions of the device. There are many types of oscillator circuits that could be implementd from the simple resistor capacitor network to the low speed crystal, high speed crystal, ceramic resonators and […]

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ProtoDev DX – Dual PIC Package Capability

With all good designs, the attention to detail is what makes a system an excellent design. One feature of the ProtoDev DX is the ability to use one of two completely different package types on the same development PCB.  Development boards generally allow a user to insert a device tye based on the package type ie […]

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