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DEVCC – V18 CloseUp!

A close up is something we dread, it usually gives away the imperfections. Well, the DEVCC – V18 was recently put under a close up so that you could get a better look. And I think you may realize that it’s a great development board. So starting from 1 and moving clock wise . . […]

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Developing a development system . . . Part 2: Innovation ?

Innovation or the product of when you innovate is really the exciting part of your day, if you have the time. But time is the problem. How many times on a Sunday afternoon just when you think that you have that hour or perhaps more, then there is a polite tap in the window. You […]

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Retrofitting the Protodev 20

The ProtoDev series of PIC development platforms has been quite a success and we would like to thank both our local and international customers and distributors for their distribution and purchase of the product. As the stocks run low, I suppose the question becomes, “If you wanted another one, would there be more stock on […]

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