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Developing a development system . . . Part 2: Innovation ?

Innovation or the product of when you innovate is really the exciting part of your day, if you have the time. But time is the problem. How many times on a Sunday afternoon just when you think that you have that hour or perhaps more, then there is a polite tap in the window. You […]

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Introducing the ProtoDev – 64

ProtoDev 64: TQFP 64 The ProtoDev – 64 is a project that I have been working on for some time. The objective was to design a PCB that could handle an RTOS (Real Time Operating System), which is still in the offing but I suppose a device with more power would be a better choice. […]

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Teething – PIC16F1827

If you have been keeping up to date on the new F1 devices, you may have been eagerly anticipating their delivery – mine stayed in their packaging for a while until now. These new devices have a great deal more to offer at a much lower cost, along with some interesting features. For example, some […]

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