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Salvo [FINIS] : How hot is it . . .

Of all the types of measurement, temperature measurement is one that comes up the most often and is perhaps the one that is easiest to do. I heard this interesting story once from a University Grad who started a company along with a few friends developing temperature controllers. Anyway, it turns out that its a […]

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Salvo [FINIS] First project !

For a first project, I thought something simple would be better then to move onto something new. So the project connects two basic components, an LED which flashes to indicate that the project is running and some text is printed to the LCD. The device used is a PIC16F628, which are quite easy to come […]

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Salvo [FINIS] – Which bread board . . .

The Salvo [FINIS] was developed as a rapid development tool for beginners and been designed to clip onto a bread board and then be powered from a standard power supply. Getting started with the Salvo [FINIS] does require that a few correct items are on your work bench, and that is the purpose of tis […]

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