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2015 is a year of new toys from ZarDynamix and we have an exciting line up of new products. 2014 was a slow year on development from us and although we have been working on new products and services, these will start to see the light of day in 2014. In the last couple of […]

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Retrofitting the Protodev 20

The ProtoDev series of PIC development platforms has been quite a success and we would like to thank both our local and international customers and distributors for their distribution and purchase of the product. As the stocks run low, I suppose the question becomes, “If you wanted another one, would there be more stock on […]

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Bootloading: PIC18F45K22 | PIC18F25K22

Boot loading … As mentioned in other articles, boot loading is a method whereby a PIC self programs. The PIC is pre-programmed with the boot loading firmware and then a PC based piece of software is used to connect to the PIC target PCB and the hex file is uploaded onto the device. Obtaining Boot […]

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