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DEVCC – V40 : Getting Started!

Introduction The DEV – CC – V40 is the latest in our series of PIC development platforms. Fully equipped with pre – loaded device, pre – loaded bootloader the DEVCC – V40 is ready to get you fully into your next embedded project. The PCB comes complete with a PIC18F45K22. Shown below is a quick […]

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Salvo [FINIS] First project !

For a first project, I thought something simple would be better then to move onto something new. So the project connects two basic components, an LED which flashes to indicate that the project is running and some text is printed to the LCD. The device used is a PIC16F628, which are quite easy to come […]

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Developing a development system . . . Part 2: Innovation ?

Innovation or the product of when you innovate is really the exciting part of your day, if you have the time. But time is the problem. How many times on a Sunday afternoon just when you think that you have that hour or perhaps more, then there is a polite tap in the window. You […]

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