Break Out!

Break out!

The break – out board concept is intended to streamline, simplify and then give the user a far more flexible piece of hardware to use. When considering the Consurgo, it’s primary advantage is that it can be connected to any element of circuitry without the need for soldering at all. It is therefore a solder – less and extensible tool for the embedded developer.

When to use the Consurgo ?

The CONSURGO is best leveraged for proof of concept, or if your preference is solder – less prototyping, it’s ideal for that too. Our more old – school veteran embedded developers enjoy getting their hands stuck in with soldering, and we know that when you have the time such luxuries can be enjoyed to the full.

If however you have responsibilities beckoning you, you are time strapped or you just need a quick and simple way of getting it working then the CONSURGO is ideal.

Once inserted into the breadboard connecting wires make for quick and simple completion of your circuit.

FIG : The few additional items required

FIG : The few additional items required

How to use the CONSURGO

The consurgo has a USB interface and an ICSP interface.

– To program the CONSURGO, you can use a PICKIT 3
– The USB interface can be used to implement a USB bootloader, but this option requires the use of a PICKIT 3 at least once

Once you have programmed the device, using one of the above options the circuit completion is your next step. The circuit can be a simple LED flashing or something more extensive. The choice of size of your bread board will determine how much of a circuit or circuitry you can construct.

Bread Board or Project board is available from most electronic suppliers in many sizes. It’s a very common item which most hobbyists find easy and simple to have. It’s kept on hand for its convenience especially when testing individual elements of an entire, eventual circuit.

Which PIC?

The CONSURGO 28, currently supports a 28 PIN PIC for example PIC18F2550, PIC18F25J27. The USB interface does make the CONSURGO Ideal for applications which require USB interfacing of some sort, but can be adapted to most applications.