Bootloader for ProtoDev 40

ProtoDev DX

ProtoDev DX – 28 | 40PIN PIC Developmen Platform

The ProtoDev 40 recently got an upgrade of sorts. For some time we have been shipping the ProtoDev 40 with a USB cable which was intended for the user to interact with the demo code installed on the PIC. Problem, was that many of our customers had existing projects and wanted to get on with it only to find that the USB cable did not facilitate programming the PCB. An honest and obvious mistake. Well we have fixed this problem. The details are as follows:

The Protodev 40 now has a PIC18F45K22 device on board, so a better device that the PIC16F887
The PIC is pre – loaded with boot loader code which means you don’t have to buy an ICSP programmer
How to program: All you need is the boot loader software and other USB cable that is pre – supplied with your purchase

Boot loader . . .?
A boot loader is a small code segment installed in the boot vector of the PIC. It initialises the device and allows the device to self program. You need a USB cable, the right software to connect to the PCB and then a sample program of your own. Usually a “Hello World” example will suffice for testing but if you have more advanced code then you can download that.

A small word of caution. The boot loader does use up a small amount of program space. This is unavoidable but the advantages out weight the cost. One advantage is that if your eventual product is installed with a client, no specialised tools eg the PICKIT 3 would be required. Just your PC and the USB cable along with the new code and you are good to go.


Full documentation is provided along with how to use the boot loader software .

Where to buy . . .

You can purchase directly or from one of our third party suppliers. Please see our Services link.