Protodev 2014

Looking ahead to 2014, there are a number of exciting developments from Zardynamix that will be like a Salvo for the year to come. Looking ahead at the product line up, the Protodev range of PIC development PCBs will undergo a significant overhaul. Along with those changes, a number of new products and systems will be available to customers for home automation and alternative energy management.

Starting with the Protodev changes, the range will be both expanded and overhauled. The current design requires a higher degree of skill to prototype your project. The new range will focus on rapid project development in two ways. The first is that there will be no need to solder, the integrated bread board will enable components to be inserted on the fly. Easy insertion sockets on the PCB will enable rapid connection to the Microcontroller and boot-loader (specific to certain models) capability reduces the overall entry cost.

Note: The boot-loader capable variants do not need a pic programmer.

The one addition that we are pleased to deploy is the mikroBus header. This shield type has phenomenal support from it’s creators MikroElectronika. We have found this type of shield or modular add on PCB system to be high effective and consider this to be a highly successfully way to affect rapid prototyping. The seemingly diminutive click boards open up a world of possibilities once inserted and powered up.

Here in Southern Africa we have sunshine in abundance and is probably one of our most under utilised renewable recourcesces. Our first endeavor into this exciting field was home automation designing smaller modules which enable a home owner to control and manage specific elements of the home. These modules are in their beta stages and testing and I am sure you will be as excited to use them as I have been seizing them come to life powered by sunshine.

Release dates for the first new Protodev Development PCBs will be end of November.