Retrofitting a older ProtoDev PCB

As mentioned before, I have designed allot of PCBs over time and as a result there are always left overs from a prototype run. Left overs which are fully functional, no design or manufacturing faults but design philosophy has moved on. So, since I have these odd PCBs lying around, I decided to try and re use them. The accountant calls it shrinkage apparently, something to do with getting a customer to buy it. But obviously he is not an engineer, as we call it eating your own dog food’. Candidly though, I would not expect anyone to put a dollar on the counter unless I could vouch for the PCB that I am handing over.

So, its an older Protodev, version 1.0 to be exact. Basically the same in design to the ProtoDev 40, except short a few features. It does however have a 3v3 regulator as its intended for a PIC18F44J10.

So the retrofitting revolves around upgrading the PCB to cater to the MikroBus and the reason being some of the new click boards.

Again, the prototyping area, really was a great idea but the threat of having to solder is becoming more and more like less fun or having to solder, desolder and then resolder. Nein!

Instead of adding a bread board, this time I had a different idea of adding MikroBus headers. So that would be two headers, eight positions in length set on opposite sides to the prototyping area. As shown in the images, easy to do and done quite quickly. So once done, the next step – add a mikrobus click board and see how she runs.

Powering up looks good and you may have noticed the double header in place. This would be to cater to the need to wire the headers to the pic. A brief wiring diagram is also shown so that its easy to do.

Well, this does give me an idea, a PIC dev PCB which has the ability for both a mikroBus header and a prototyping area. Jot it down for the next design session, I think. . .