Developing a development system Part 3 : Deployment

Deployment: the distribution of forces in preparation for battle or work

I am looking at that definition, and it occurs to me that certain words have very strong connotations. Deployment is a great word in IT because we all know that when you are deploying, it implies that your system or your application is ready to go to work.

Are we ready to go to work ? Well, of course we are! In part 2 we had a look at the innovation aspects of our development system and we came up with a useful concept. The idea is simple and elegant. A PIC based development PCB which can be added to a bread board, loaded with an 18 PIN PIC and our project code.

But realistically, strip board has never been my favourite simply because you have to worry about crossed tracks, bad joints and so on. The idea however required further attention and a suitable PCB.

I’d like to introduce you to an extensible but minimalistic approach to PIC development.

Salvo [FINIS]

Salvo [FINIS]

The Salvo [FINIS] is a well featured development system which clips snugly onto the head of a bread board. Many hobbyists and professional use bread boards for simple proof of concept or prototyping and adding a PIC directly only the bread board does seem that tedious extra to do. Rather using this approach, a PCB is added as a booster to the bread board and it includes the neat additions of a PSU which also adds power to the PCB.

The FT230X is a new USB to UART converter, and we are using them for the first time. There is a bit of information to know about these little guys before you use them so if you are planning to use them in your own designs I would suggest that you research them quite well.

Salvo [FINIS] Side View

Salvo [FINIS] Side View

Looking above, the perspective is one where there are possibilities . . . True, an 18 PIN device may seem to be limited in I/O, however isn’t that the beauty of limited resources is to find new ways of economizing and creating great applications using the few things you have at your finger tips.

Don’t worry, there will be projects and applications for this guy soon. Get yours from tindie, don’t miss out.