Salvo [RADIX] – Introducing a product with many options . . .

Salvo [RADIX] – Introducing a product with many options . . .

The Salvo [RADIX], looks familiar and you may want to start downloading the Arduino software. Let me stop you before you start downloading and point out that it’s not another Arduino i.e. ATMEL based product. Rather its a PIC based product, which uses a PIC18F25K22.

Salvo [Radix]

Salvo [Radix]

There are some similarities, 1) obviously it looks like an Arduino 2) You can connect an Aruino shield to the PCB 3) if you are an Arduino fan, why not try a device with a difference.

The PIC18F25K22 are a powerful microcontroller. The device is bootloadable so once you purchase the Salvo [RADIX] all you need is an IDE, for example the Mikroe C Compiler

The IDE allows the user to boot load the code onto the device and once code has been boot loaded the PCB runs and executes after a device reboot.

The form and layout of the Salvo [RADIX] enables the PCB to interface or connect with one or more Arduino Shields, which is often done by stacking them one by one forming a pillar of sorts. I personally have seen stacks of up to three PCBs tall which can mean for an unwieldy design – but this is prototyping.

We also have on offer an experimenter’s kit which includes some of the additional items required to prototype a project. As can be seen from the image, a USB cable, proto board and components are included to help learn about the basics that make PIC prototyping simple and effective.

Expirementers Kit

Experimenter’s Kit

The above products can be purchased from our Tindie store.