DEV CC_12015 is a year of new toys from ZarDynamix and we have an exciting line up of new products. 2014 was a slow year on development from us and although we have been working on new products and services, these will start to see the light of day in 2014.

In the last couple of years we have seen a proliferation of platforms and if like me your staple diet has been pics you do find it trying to move on. Some might feel that PICs are something of a yesterday’s take on embedded development but Microchip has as always been releasing new devices. I have been paying particular attention to this as lets be honest, things keep changing and that change has brought on an interesting change in developments.

A number of new PIC16F1x devices allow for boot loading and we have been experimenting with these device to see which would be suitable. By suitable we mean devices that fit the following criteria:

  • Fit the pocket
  • Offer a decent list of features
  • Allow for boot-loading

One of the devices that we have tested so far is the PIC16F1847. Hopefully you are not too surprised by the offering as this device is an 18 PIN device, which means that now for 18 PIN devices you don’t need a programmer. What do you need ?

All you need is one of our new DEV-CC development PCBs and a USB cable. Once you have these two pieces you can then get started.

If you were a user of the ProtoDev Series of development platforms a feature that these development boards had in common was that they all had the same layout. What this meant was that you could interchange the PCBs.

We have leveraged this concept and the new DEV-CC PIC development pcbs are designed around a similar concept. The base never changes and the I/O are always available in the same location. So whether you use an 18 PIN, 20 PIN, 40 PIN and at some point the 64 PIN family you will have an interchangeable base. The base will have shields that plug in and so you can scale your project from one device to the next.

The big question is do we need another development platform leveraging the stackable shield – well yes because you can never have enough options as far as embedded development platforms go.

We will keep you posted, and they will be available shortly.

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