Announcing the DEV-CC Platform Launch!

Introducing the new

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I have been tweeting about the new DEVCC platform, and I am happy to announce that the first of the many are ready for sale. The first instalment is the DEVCC V40, which is the 40 PIN PIC device platform. After some deliberation I decided to use a PIC18F45K22. The device is well priced, well featured and is capable of running at both 3v3 and 5Vdc quite effectively.

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Base and Shields

The headers are a give away and yes, this product series does have the capability of having shields added. Before we exclaim “More of the same”, take a look again.

The DEVCC platform is a base, but for a 40 PIN device which interfaces with a shield which leaves the playing field open. You can code for the device using the Mikroe or Microchip compilers and then bootload the code.

The bases however, will not in the long run just be static. The distribution of functionality will be shared between the base device and the shield. This is a shift in concept, but I think it is a healthier way of developing since it will in the long run reduce the stack of shields.

I have pondered the question of whether there is room in the market for another platform which requires that accompanying shields be bought and then I realised that there are platforms for all other devices and not much for PICs. So, yes I believe that the market slice is open for pics provided that the right tools and shields are offered at the right price.

To be perfectly honest, I am a PIC die hard and I think that PICs will continue to put up the fine fight against their competitors and prevail since the solutions and devices offered by Microchip are continuously evolving and adapting.

The DEVCC platform range will be supplied in the same format, ie dual power supplies, MCP2200 USB Interface and boot loader for certain devices. The next in the line up is the DEVCC – V18 which is for 18 PIN devices. What will happen is that the shields will be interchangeable with the base DEVCC across the range from the DEVCV V18 to the DEVCC V40.

Will I fill that gaps in between with a V20 and V28 ? Well that is possible, only for the time being the 18 PIN and 40 development PC Boards have been the most popular. There are however a number of interesting projects which are well suited to 20 and 28 PIN devices.

Where to buy and what next

The DEVCC platforms are available fromĀ Tindie. You can purchase directly, please contact for details of sale.

The DEVCC – V18 will be available before the end of the month of April.