ProtoDev 18

The ProtoDev 18 is designed specifically to support an 18 PIN device. Most hobbyists who have been around a while will remember the PIC16C84, the F84 and then now the  flurry of 18 PIN devices that you can use.

18 PIN devices are usefull specifically for single ended tasks or tasks that require limited I/O. Standalone tasks where a human to systm interface is not necessarily required.

The PCB enables the user to host their microcontroller, add aditional components and along with the RS232 interface communicate with a PC or an external system.

Some example projects are

  1. Simple monitoring
  2. Keypad ie alarm system
  3. Motor control (including fan control)

These devices are usually quite inexpensive, and easily obtained. The ProtoDev 18 therefore become a quick easy to use development PCB which is versatile and extensible.

for more information:  ZarDynamix Protodev 18