Programming the F1 Series

If you have already taken delivery of F1 samples, you may have noticed that the PICKIT 3 Stand Alone application does not support some of the F1 devices. However, before you start firing emails at your Microchip representative, MPLAB X is at the rescue.

This is the clumsy way around of getting your code onto an F1 device, but for the moment it’s what’s available.

Firstly, you would need to download MPLAB X at an aproximated 250 MB.
Secondly, install it, create a project add your hex file to a project.
Thirdly, connect your PICKIT 3 and program.

If you are not a PICKIT 3 user, well hopefully your programmer of choice has the option for updated support.

Sadly, from an investment perspective the need to make a plan as it were is disappointing. My whole reason for investing in the PICKIT 3 was simply so that I did not need to always have to pester the vendor I bought the programmer from for device support update. I am sure however that the PICKIT 3 will eventually have support via the stand alone application as well.

If you would like to know more about the device I will be featuring see it here:

Microchip : PIC16F1503 / PIC16LF1503
Microchip : PIC16F1508/9 / PIC16LF1508/9