Maestro in Production

The ProtoDev Maestro introduces a change in direction for product development. Prevoiously the trend was to try and move into an arena of modularised componets, however this left a gap in the product offering. For those who like to plug and play, the Maestro is for You!

The product incorporates all the best features of the ProtoDev series and a PCB extension for a breadboard which adds solderless component installation on the fly.

This reduces the cost outlay because there is no need for a soldering iron, solder and the burnt finger tips that goes with it.

The Maestro will be sold as a Kit which includes the folowing:

  • ProtoDev Maestro PCB
    • Fully integrated PCB
    • Power supply
    • Programmer
    • ICSP interface
    • USB > RS232 Capability
  • Breadboard
  • Components
  • Media : Training and updates on line

For those beginners and intermediate users, even the professionl who just wants to expirement on the fly, the ProtoDev Maestro is the product for you.

Releasing in May 2012.