DEVCC – ProtoShield

DEVCC – ProtoShield

The DEVCC Proto-Shield is compatiable with all the DEVCC platform PCBS. The shield has a standard pin out which corresponds to the DEVCC pin out. Whether you develop a project using a PROTODEV – V40 or any other of the devices, the shield will slot in and work.

DEVCC - ProtoShield 6Shown above the DEVCC – ProtoShield has thru plated holes with cross linked tracks for half the board. This allows for custom circuitry to be soldered into the board. The prototyping area also the same size as a 170 tie point bread board which can be adhered to the board if required.

The PCB offers foot prints for

  • 25 Turn POT
  • Push button
  • And two 3mm LEDs

Available on tindie: DEVCC – PROTOSHIELD