Stack it, with the Proto-Shield . . .

Just Stack it !

The DEVCC Proto-Shield is now available and shown below is a fully assembled Proto-Shield in its natural environment, stacked with a DEVCC [V] board. Fully assembled, the Proto-Shield has a POT, Push Button and two LEDs.

As mentioned, the prototyping area is able to host new circuitry which can be soldered onto the PCB. Alternatively, a 170 tie point bread board can be adhered to the shield. If a bread board is added to the shield, the shield becomes reusable for new projects.

Stack 2Seen at a slight angle above, the shield is inserted into the DEVCC with more than enough clearance between itself and the PCB below.

Stack 4


Seen directly from above as below, the shield has all PIN outs  labelled and easily accessible.


All that remains is for you the hobbyist to get cracking with a project. The ProtoShield is available from Tindie.