DEVCC – Product Line up, what to expect

In the last few weeks we have released a number of new and exciting products from our new range DEVCC. The name, is a contraction of DEV (Development) CC (Credit Card). The PCB is roughly the same size as a credit card and we will aim to keep the pricing inline with a light swipe of the card.

The DEVCC Family

So far we have released the DEVCC – V40, the DEVCC – V18 and a prototyping shield. The principle behind the base and shields is that the design or project is the shield and should not be hindered by the base. Therefore the DEVCC – PINOUT is standard across the range from the 18 PIN device through to the 40 pin. This is further supported by Microchip’s backwards compatibility and cross compatibility between devices. Pointedly, if you design starts on a 14 PIN device, migrates to an 18 PIN and then needs to take the bold leap to a 40 PIN, all you would need to do is change the base. The shield would continue to connect to the base in the same way using the same pinout.

Note: There are times where peripheral features do not appear on the same PIN between devices. Please check the datasheets, especially where the PIC used is not pre-soldered onto the base and is changeable since there is a DIP socket in place.

To view and purchase these please see our store on Tindie.

What you have to look forward to is the following, releasing in June

  • DEVCC NOIR – PWM development platform using the PIC16F1847, and leveraging the dual PWM outputs
  • DEVCC – V28 : 28 PIN DEVCC Variant

Future Products

For the future:

  • DEVCC – 32B – a 32 BIT Device based DEVCC
  • DEVCC – SEGNO: A signal generation based pcb
  • DEVCC – ELECTRO : Battery Monitoring
  • DEVCC – V20 : 20 PIN Variant, which would support the 8, 14 and 20 PIN
  • DEVCC – FLARE : 64 PIN Based Variant

These will become available during the course of 2015 and into 2016.

Products that Fall Away

The [RADIX] and [FINIS] range will fall away. As much as I personally liked the FINIS and it sold quite quickly, the DEVCC – V20 will replace this product segment.

The [RADIX] seemed to have created more confusion since it’s a PIC Based platform in ARDUINO layout or style and this just got people wondering if it was SKETCH compatible etc. It was a support nightmare with unhappy customers, hence the DEVCC platform range.

We are always keen to hear your feedback on our products so please feel free to contact us.