DEVCC – V18 CloseUp!

A close up is something we dread, it usually gives away the imperfections. Well, the DEVCC – V18 was recently put under a close up so that you could get a better look. And I think you may realize that it’s a great development board.

So starting from 1 and moving clock wise . . .

  1. Voltage selectable power supply, 3v3 or 5V0
    1. Dual LDO Power supply for 3v3 and 5V0
    2. User configurable using a jumper
  2. Reset Button
    1. Important to start boot loading
  3. ICSP Header
    1. Compatible with PICKIT 3 – PICKIT 3 sold separately
    2. 5 PINS, align according to arrow
  4. Mini USB connector for USB to RS232 conversion
    1. Mini USB Cable required
    2. Boot load your code
  5. I / O headers
    1. 4 X 10 Headers
    2. Consistent Header placement between DEVCC PCBs
  6. DC Jack
    1. 2.1 MM
    2. Standard

DEVCC-18  Close Up

The DEVCC range have been designed to take into consideration the need for flexible development practice. Microchip’s product range enables a developer to take their code from one device and migrate it to another device with minimal changes (Granted, read the datasheets and research your devices first).

For the DEVCC range, this means that if you were for example working on a PIC16F1847 and then needed a bigger device, you could then migrate to a PIC18F45K22 by simply transferring your code to the new PCB, keeping the shield in place if you were using one. This is a concept I am sure we all have used with Arduino and other shield stackable platforms.

The DEVCC range also  have a cross compatible I/O pin-out so provided the peripheral is on the same pic and in the same place, then you can carry on with no changes to the hardware configuration.

All though PIC devices do share a common architecture, at times the PIN location for a peripheral can be relocated when crossing between families. Ensure that you check the datasheet for the device before settling on the choice.

Other features of the DEVCC include boot-loader capability.

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