DEVCC – Protoshield

No family of base platforms is ever complete without a shield or shield to stack. The DEVCC ProtoShield is compatible with all current DEVCC  development PCBs; since all follow the same basic pin out. You will be able to use the ProtoSheild with the DEVCC – V18 and the DEVCC – V40.

The ProtoShield’s offering . . .

The Protoshield has been designed to facilitate project development by either soldering new components into the design, or just by adding a miniature bread board.

Seen below, the prototyping area is the size of a 170 tie point bread board which is available separately. All I/O are tracked to headers which enable easy hook up using jumper wires.

Stack 2

The ProtoShield will insert into a base or a DEVCC board as shown below. Headers with extended pins would be required, and slightly longer pins are recommended

Stack 4

ProtoShield Features

The ProtoShield’s features are listed below:

All components listed below are available separately

  •  Interface
    • 4 2.54 MM 10 Headers
    • Items below are all linked to a central header providing access
  • Analogue
    • 25 Turn Potentiometer
  • Mechanical
    • 1 X Tactile switch
  • Digital
    • 2 s 3mm LED