DEVCC – V40, close up


A short while ago we did a close up on the DEVCC – V18 and if you missed the tweet, you can read it here DEVCC – V18. Today, we are going to have a closer look at the DEVCC – V40. The DEVCC sports a PIC18F45K22, TQFP package with an 8 MHZ Ceramic resonator. The PIC does have 4 X PLL so by reconfiguring the fuses on the device you could speed up your device to 32 MHZ.

For more details on the device, see the following link: PIC18F45K22 Datasheet.

The DEVCC – V40, like the DEVCC – V18 is a versatile PIC centric development platform. The micro-controller has been housed in a “Form” which means that the DEVCC offers a form factor enabling compatibility across the range of devices.

DEVCC - V40_1 for PIC18F45K22

Shown above is the DEVCC – 40 in two configurations, 1) no shield and 2) with shield.

  1. USB Bridge MCP2200
  2. SMT Mini USB Interface
  3. 2.1 MM DC Jack
  4. SMT LDO Vreg 3v3 and 5v0
  5. Reset button
  6. 10 Way DIL headers (duplicated on opposite side)
  7. ICSP Interface

Shown on the right is a DEVCC with a shield in place. The shield is the standard shield which allows you to build your own circuitry into the shield. Used together the DEVCC – V40 and the shield are a great platform to use to build projects and applications.