NEW PRODUCT ! blueBerry [DEVCC – V28]

The blueberry – DEVCC – V28 is for hobbyists and those who are a bit more serious about embedded development. The V28 in the DEVCC line up is designed to host a 28 PIN pic microcontroller. If you want something for a bigger device see the DEVCC – V40.



Form Features

The DEVCC range of boards is roughly the size of a credit card. The idea being that the board should be as compact and user friendly as possible. The board has four mounting positions and this allows for the board to be mounted into a housing for a more user or weather resistant finish depending on your project.

Design Features Included on every DEVCC board is the following:

    •  DC Input only, up to 9 VDC
    •  AC Input may damage the PCB do not use
    •  USB Powered capable
    • Standard Type – B connector
  • Dual power supplies for 3v3 and 5V0
    • LDO Regulators
    • SMD Package up to 1 amp
    • High Power applications exceeding 800mA for long durations not recommended without proper ventilation or cooling for the PCB
  • Power selection jumper
    • Select either 3v3 or 5V0
    • Reset Button
  • 10 Way headers
    • Jumper wire friendly allowing you to connect components easily
    • This maintains compatibility with future DEVCC boards
    • This maintains compatibility with DEVCC Shields
  • Easily identified and well labelled headers
  • ICSP Interface for PICKIT 3
  • Boot loader Capable
    • Preloaded firmware enabling boot loading for PIC16F | PIC18F or similar devices
  • USB to RS232 Bridge using MCP2200

As per usual the new DEVCC is available from tindie.

Additional Resources

18 PIN Devices DEVCC – V18 Datasheet  Release brochure with features and specifications
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