Two Relay Shield

DUO Relay 2The DEVCC range of PCBs have just received their second shield. The first shield, a regular prototyping shield is now complemented with a DUO Relay shield that is compatible with the entire range of DEVCC | bluBerry range of PIC development boards.








The products has the following features:

Dual relays

  • Compatible with OMRON / HKE
  • Connections for Common | NO | NC
  • Transistor activated at 5Vdc
  • Power on LED to indicate when base PCB provides power
  • 4 X 10 SIL Headers, inserts as shield to DEVCC development PCBs
  • MikroBus socket, therefore Mikrobus capable
  • ALL DEVCC connection points available to tracked headers.

Available immediately from Tindie.

DUO Relay 4