ProtoShield for DEVCC Development Range

When I started working with embedded devices, the first step was getting beyond that home made PIC16C84 programmer. The next step was coming up with a development board which allowed me to cater to that “Hello World” learning curve. If you have developed and made your own PCBs then the experience is mutual. You may have even ended up making a number of PCBs each an enhancement of the previous with a few extra features for example a Keyboard connector or something along those lines. If you researched it more extensively your first board may have been the size of an A4 / Letter size piece of paper.

ZarDynamix’s current range of development PCBs have evolved with current client / user needs. We still offer a PCB for every PIC package and an Arduino style PIC development board for the PIC18F25k22 – so if you prefer Arduino shields we cater to that market as well.

The DEVCC / blueberry range of PIC development boards are interchangeable which allows the user to start with one package and then move through the range as your project evolves. But what about shields? We have a standard shield available called the ProtoShield which will slot into all the PCB bases. The Protoshield can be purchased separately or if you purchase a DEVCC / blueberry PCB it comes along free, although it’s unassembled.

DEVCC - ProtoShield 6

As shown in the image below the ProtoShield is connected to the DEVCC – 40.

Stack 2

Once you have these two components on your workbench you may be wondering what can I do with this and is there a support community? ZarDynamix is part of the larger Microchip community so yes there is always support for your project. With regards to the ProtoShield, you can do the following:

  • Variable Resistor: This allows you to experiment with analogue applications
  • Push Button:  Provides an input
  • Two LEDs: These can be used for simple on and off notifications. Alternatively you can use them for PWM

All in all the next step in that evolution of the ultimate development board manifested as the base shield concept. In other words the Arduino, Raspberry PI, Beagle Bone and so on. The Mikroe Click boards are the same idea except they are a compact and slot into a larger board.

The DEVCC / blueberry PIC Development range of devices keeps pace with the current market and user needs. We supply these devices worldwide via tinde or you can purchase direct.