The great Migration: Windows 8

We have come full circle in the life cycle of a great Windows release ie Windows 7, and now it’s the bane once again as Windows 8 is seeping into our daily lives. Seeping may not be the right term, as that would mean the sudden merge with everday life had been slow. Rather, this new OS release has reportedly been giving the “I” product stack something to think about as to whether it realy is thinner, lighter, and faster with higher resolution and better battery life,.. pam pam!

Anyway, one tip I would recommend before you start downloading updates, create restore points at Contol Panel > System > Create Restore Point, as this will help when Windows Updates cause Windows 95 Non – functionality to prevail. Also the system restore feature is a whole lot better and works, as I found out after waiting patiently.

More to the point of the article, upgrading to Windows 8 presented a problem when after downloadibg the  PICKIT 3 BETA tool and trying to run it, I was asked if I would like to “Run Away”, huh ? Yes, apparently Win 8 thought that running the exe would harm my computer. “Right, then. Malicious it is!” Now if your first instinct was to change permissions on the exe, nope. You have to unblock it as shown below.

Unblock the exe to remove the "Run away" messgae

Unblock the exe to remove the “Run away” messgae

Windows 8 does not give you any other means of enabling the exe to run, you have to unblock it. So, unless you do you will be “running away”, I suppose.

I have found Windows 8 to be great in some areas but once again, the practice of burrying essential technical PC configuration and management tools behind tiles a baby figer could not miss is annoying. The one saving grace to finding these things is the fact that I know they are there, and the watered down version by tile can be circumvented by a quick search – which may need the Google search engine integrated before it locates your intended item.

On the other hand, Windows had no problem identifying the PICKIT3 as a USB device and the PICKIT 3 BETA tool detected the PICKIT 3 and was able to read a PIC. I will be testing programming shortly, but I am confident it would, should could actually work.

Also, you need to keep the folder from which the exe runs on the desktop or in the Downloads or Documents folder. The beta tool does not have an installation, you just extract post downlaod and run. If you keep the folder out of the program files folder, then the Unblock setting is remembered. If you do not, it forgets after you have changed it and the exe won’t run.

Any other nuances, and they will be pressed into word.

PS: A brief reprogram of an existing project demonstrated working code. Yippee!


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