ZarDynamix is an embedded development house that focuses on using PIC micro-controllers in our product range.

At ZarDynamix, good service delivery matters. From shipping the smallest simplest order to delivering on a deadline, we pride ourselves in doing it right and doing it well!

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Services Consultancy

Our consultancy draws on a number of disciplines supported by tenure of experience in those fields. From Industrial Electronics and manufacturing to IT, we draw on the best know how that our team has to offer and invest that in each project we work on.
Our consultancy offers the following scope in service

•Project consultation, specifically to do with embedded or electronics engineering
•Project Planning from system conceptualisation to production
•System concepts
•Research and development
•Design and Manufacture
•Shipping and distribution
•Supply of Relevant and Practical Products and Systems

In world of fads, buzz words and even faster tech ZarDynamix prides itself on producing relevant systems and solutions for our clients. Rather than succumbing to the here and now, we focus on producing relevant solutions that have staying power while making the most of the up to date developments in technology

Careers @ ZarDynamix

If you have a passion for embedded electronics and are interested in pursueing a career in this field, we would like to hear from you. You can submit your CV to office at

What we are looking for is people who enjoy testing the limits of their imagination using PIC Microcontrollers to develop new and exciting applications. The following are the type of skills we are looking for. Not having all the skills does not exclude you from considertaion

Verbal & Non Verbal Skills

  • Read and write english as a first language
  • Communnicate using spoken English
  • Be proficient using email, skype or Lync for communication purposes

Technical Skills

  • Electronics / Electrical Skills
    • N5 or above Trade Theory (Industrial Electronics, Electrical Trade Theory) Maths and Science would be an Advantage
    • National Diploma or Degree In Electronics Engineering
    • Proficient in C embedded programming using Microchip or Mikroe Compilers

The incumbent must be able to demonstrate proficiency ( Your own project, no google copy paste!)


    • Proficeincy in either Pascal or Basic are acceptable (
    • Project work for usable system at home or for a client can be submitted to demonstrate skills
    • Competancy with assembler is an advantage and experience with creating libraries or customising the compiler to suit your needs

PC Skills

Base competancy

  • Windows Proficiency
    • Windows 7 and earlier usage
    • PC Installation, configuration and setup
    • Linux Experience will be considered
  • Visual Studio
    • C# ( Visual Basic may be considered provided you are prepared to migrate to C#)
    • Proficiency with Visual Studio 2008 / 2010


We are looking for people with some work experience even if not directly related to embedded or electronics engineering. Minimum of 6 months would be an advantage, ITC checks will be performed and atleast one independant reference from Lecturer or employer ( No family references)

  • Own transport or the ability to get to work on time essential
  • Drivers license required, even if you don’t own your own vehicle