Buy on Tindie!

Buying On Tindie

I sell on Tindie What is Tindie? Tindie is an online store which functions as an open market for hardware makers. The purchase is shipped from us in South Arica to where ever your location is. Note that shipping details are subject to terms and conditions.
Note: Click the Tindie icon above to navigate directly to our Tindie store.

How Do you purchase a product from us via Tindie ? The prurchase process is safe and simple . . .

Step 1 – You will need to create an account on TIndie

Step 2 – Purchase your ZarDynamix Product and we will ship directly to you in your country of origin. You can pay via pal pat or even use a credit card

How long does it take: ZarDynamix receives a notification from Tindie as soon as you place the order. We then ship within 3 working days.

NOTE 1: The 3 (three) days shipping turn around time may be hindered by factors beyond our control and should such occur, the seller is notified as soon as we have information to share.

NOTE 2: By accepting free shipping, the customer has agreed to accept the risk of the parcel being damaged or lost as their liability, with no liability or responsibility on the seller. Proof of shipment will be provided on request to verify that the parcel was in fact shipped.

I need insurance, a tracking number the works!: We are more than happy to provide a more secure shipping method. This is at the cost of the seller and it is best to arrange such via email on

When do you get it . . . : Once the parcel has been shipped, free shipping applies to normal post. Normal post is Airmail in a padded bag with no tracking number. The postal service states that delivery to the local post office in your area, is 3 – 10 business days depending on your location.

If a non standard (custom) method of shipping has been requested, the expected date of arrival will be provided at that time. The expected date, is the date provided by the shipping company and is not guaranteed by us, as we are an intermediary party.

What about import duties? : When the parcel ships, a CN22 customs declaration is attached to the parcel. This declaration will indicate the value of the parcel and the parcel may attract customs duties depending on its value. We do not pay such on behalf of the buyer and the cost of the product does not include duties or taxes of any sort; unless otherwise indicated.

NOTE: Some countries do have value thresholds under which a parcel attracts either a lesser import duty or no import duty. Note that the free shipping applies only to the first item, i.e. free shipping is offered per item and not based on the value of the purchase.

NOTE: We recommend that you purchase your ZarDynamix preferred product using Tindie if not in the United Kingdom or South Africa. Tindie offers secure order placement and payment options, along with regular discounts via e – coupons from ZarDynamix (The e – coupons are only available when purchasing via Tindie!).