1 Pager Series

1 Pagers

Welcome to the 1 Pager series for the hobbyist and determined enthusiast. We know how trial some it can be to locate the information that you need on the fly to perform a specific task without the periphery information that tends to complicate the issue and make it harder than what it needs to be.

This series will build over time starting with the basics for example resistors and later build onto more complicated hardware topics. The 1 Pager Series for C programming will also be introduced to complement the hardware.

1 Pagers For hardware

 ResistorsCode Resistors perform an important function in electronic circuits. Get to grips with resistors with the following 1 pager [Read More].
 Voltage Regulator Voltage Regulators: [Read More]
Transistors: [Coming Soon]
 Relsy CCT Diagram  


Using Relays: [Read More]



1 Pagers For Software 

Microcontroller Ports are the window to the device [PORTs – 1 Pager Series].