Salvo [ SERIES]


The Salvo [] series of Development PCBs is the next generation of PIC development PCBs designed to cater to the needs of project and product development from proof of concept to product or completed project. The practical and robust design enables a developer to utilize the PCB as a development platform from which to design their embedded application.

The Salvo [] series leverages the compatibility between device families enabling for code compatibility between 16F and 18F families. In some instances the code can be migrated between devices with little or no changes. This would include and depending on the code requirements migrating a project from a 18 PIN through the range i.e. 20 PIN, 28 PIN and 40 PIN.

PIC Development Platforms

Salvo [FINIS]

Salvo [FINIS]

Salvo [FINIS]: The Salvo [FINIS] is specifically designed for 18 PIN, 8 BIT 16Fxxx device families. The device clips onto the edge of a bread board, and is ideal for the hobbyist and student.Purchase your personal Salvo [FINIS].
 SALVO RADIX REV ANG The Salvo [RADIX] is specifically designed for 28 PIN devices and is delivered with a PIC18F25K22 SMD device installed on the device. The PCB is styled along Arduino lines which allows the user to leverage the many Arduino shields.Purchase your personal Salvo [RADIX].