Welcome to the ZarDynamix Projects page. The projecst that we have listed here are aimed at assisting customers of ZarDynamix and owners of the ProtoDev Range of PIC development PCBs. The projects are best constructed using one of the Protodev PCBs.




What you need

To get started you will need the following:

  • Development PCB
  • PIC Programmer
  • Components as required to complete the tutorial
  • Some tools:
    • Soldering iron
    • Side cutters and Long nose pliers
    • Power supply
    • Multimeter (Optional, but nice to have)

The following projects can be built using any hardware that you have available. However, the projects have been tested using the ProtoDev PCB Development PCBs.

Note: All tutorials are used at the user’s own risk and no liability is accepted for loss or damages of any kind whatsoever.

Beginners And Tutorials

 DEVCC-V40 Cleaned _1 DEVCC – V40 : Getting Started
Get started with your ProtoDev 40. The project provided enables the beginner with the tools to utilise their project PCB.
Hello World

Hello World
Newbie project which describes the steps required to get a simple project working on a PIC. The Hello World project is a typical favorite especially for testing the basic underlying functionality of a microcontroller.
binary Binary Counter
Beginner to intermediate, expands on the Hello World project using multiple LEDs.


Intermediate to Advanced

LM35 PackagesTemperature Display Build your very own temperature measurement system using the LM35. The LM35 is a easy to use and readily available device which is delivered in a standard transistor style package making it easy to solder into project infrastructure.